Fark.com's Drew Curtis has amicably ended his beef with comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert over whether they discounted the role of the internet (and Reddit in particular) in creating last weekend's Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Curtis posted that he may have misread Colbert and Stewart's statements about the internet in their post-rally press conference, especially in light of a couple of things that happened on the Colbert Report and the Daily Show this week.

Stephen Colbert slipped a Reddit alien into his show, drawn on the back of the stack of notes he reads from during the news portion of the Report. To Drew (and most everyone on Reddit, too) that's a clear message of appreciation for Reddit. Meanwhile, Stewart interviewed Fox News's Chris Wallace, and Wallace asked Stewart whether he thought Fox had contributed to people's unrest and dissatisfaction with the American government. Stewart answered "It didn't hurt," in the same tone he used to say that the internet's support for the rally "didn't hurt." We all know how Stewart feels about Fox, so that casts his comments about the internet in a new and more positive light.

Although cooler heads have prevailed and this particular debate is over, Fark's Curtis is sticking by his larger point: that the mainstream media needs to get with the times and start attributing and giving credit when they use internet sources, the same way the best blogs diligently link back to the sites they quote.

Colbert's Reddit Alien

Stewart's "Didn't Hurt"

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