drawing machineArt is hard but not when you have a robot to do it for you. Then you can just sit back, relax, and watch the circles unfurl right in front of your very eyes. Circle drawing, by the way, is one of the more formal drawing schools among robot artists. If you're looking for something a little more fast and loose, there's plenty of that to go around as well.

It's an art party.

These drawing machines and robots were created by students at the Batley School of Art and Design in Dewsbury, England.

Does this make anyone else feel like working out?

Jack Tait built this drawing machine as part of his PhD program at Manchester Metro University.

I hope you like circles!

Phuong Nguyen's drawing machine was displayed in Portland, ME in 2006.

And to think this robot used to sell cars...

French design team Objetgraphik created 'Paul Hoc' for the 2008 Saint Etienne International Design Biennial.

Paul Hoc - drawing machine from Objetgraphik on Vimeo.

Who needs ink when you've got strawberries?

Created by Dutch industrial design student Nina Geurds.

Look at that precision!

Greg Borenstein is an Interactive Telecommunications Program student at NYU.

Somebody stop him before he spirals out of control.

Mechanical artist Dan Grayber lives in San Francisco.

Now we're cooking with fire (and hamsters).

These 'marking machines' were created by students at the Glasgow School of Art.

This drawing machine runs on wind.

This is one of many drawing machines found-object artist Jamie Newton has created.

And this one runs on awful music.

Created by Dutch industrial and web designer Tjerk Timan.

How does that old saying go?

If life gives your blips and glitches, draw an endless series of circles? Robert Corish has an MA in Communication Design from University of the Arts London.

Always hold the pen with both hands.

Alfred Hoehn is an artist in Basel, Switzerland.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Ed Gill and Lizzie Finn created this drawing machine while studying design at Chelsea College of Art.

As an artist, his key influences are Mavis Beacon and Mario Teaches Typing.

If art were a race, this guy would be the winner.