In case you're not sure what Barack Obama's been up to during his first two years as President of the United States, a new single-serving site called "What The F**k Has Obama Done So Far?" provides a record of the president's accomplishments, along with a catchy, profanity-powered URL.

Each page contains one policy Obama has put in place, a link to the source of the information, and a sassy button to go to the next policy. Example buttons: "That doesn't affect me personally so who cares" and "I'm unimpressed." Of course, if you are impressed, you can Facebook Like any of these policies.

What The F**k Has Obama Done? is just the latest site to follow the trend of adding the F-bomb to make things more interesting. What The F**k Should I Make For Dinner? provides quick and easy recipes, and The F**king Weather tells you how f**king cold it is outside. If you're a designer, you may also benefit from some Good F**king Design Advice.

By the way, whether you agree with Obama's f**king policies or not, don't forget that it's America's Election Day! Get out there and vote!

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