bigger-than-jesus-thumbnailIt's been over 44 years since John Lennon's claims of being bigger than Jesus caused parents and church groups to burn Beatles albums.

In 1966, this may have been true, but we didn't have the popularity metrics that we have today. People across the globe, young and old, still find common ground in the music of The Beatles, but how do they compare in 2010? And for that matter, what about Steve Jobs? Kanye West? Oprah? Snooki?

I used Google Insights to compare the relative volume of search terms for 23 of the biggest celebrities I could think of (dead or alive), Jesus, and the word "cat" over the course of the last 12 months.

Truth be told, I only put the cat in there because I was struggling to find someone to put between Jesus and Justin Bieber. Why am I reading this in the voice of Kenny Powers as I write it? I don't know. Maybe I'm feeling delirious. I stayed up all night putting the finishing touches on this. Do me a solid and stick this on your fridge or something. Enjoy.

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