There is a revolution happening in Chile as we speak. The youth are demanding representation. More than 6,200 ballots have been cast for an opposition leader in a hotly contested vote. No other candidate has received even a tenth of the votes. At this rate it appears "Mujercito" will become El Twittero del Año.
That's right, Mujercito is competing against journalists and entertainers to become "Twitterer of the Year" at the WAW! Web Awards 2010 Chile. And he's just a cat!

The popular Chilean Tumblr meme-blog PORLAPUTA have made their pet cat Mujercito the mascot of this revolution. The site is a hub for off-kilter NSFW Spanish-language Reddit-y pictures and MemeGenerator-generated image macros. They've been able to leverage their followers (Alexa says they are 107th most viewed-site in Chile, and they have more than 60k Facebook fans) to dominate the voting, and I predict a "Mujercito" landslide victory on November 30th.

As proponents of internet culture we must step up and show our support for Mujercito, to uphold the memescape as an international movement and way of the future.
This is our culture and we must support it.

"Vote for me so they don't throw me in Mapocho"

"Vote @Mujercito, a serious candidate"

"WAW Awards @Mujercito - The Best Twitterer of the Year"

"I am the pet of the communists"

"Latest News... Mujercito doesn't have balls"

"I want to have a close encounter with Mujercito"

"I passed Garfield. I sh*t lasagna every day"