At Urlesque, we love amazing and elaborate marriage proposal videos. Sometimes you have to wonder about the proposals that are a bit too perfect, though. One recent viral video, shot from several angles using an unnamed iPhone app, rings a bit false to us.

A girl named Kasey is tricked by a friend into showing up on a bridge in Central Park, where a band sneaks up behind her and starts playing her favorite song, as her boyfriend, Frank, rows up beneath her and throws her an engagement ring.

The whole time, a team with four iPhones and at least one Mac laptop is in position, shooting everything from various angles using a "special iPhone app." They never say the name of the app, but I wouldn't be surprised if this turns into a viral ad for it. As CNET's Chris Matyszczyk wrote in a recent blog post, there are plenty of things in this ad -- I mean, wedding proposal video -- that don't feel believable.

For one thing, Kasey doesn't notice the band sneaking up behind her with a hi-hat and a huge bass. For another, someone is filming the iPhone screens of the friends who are recording the proposal. Why would anyone put an extra camera on those iPhone screens, if not to show off the app they're using? It doesn't add any art or romance to the proposal.

Frank and Kasey have an engagement website -- -- but there's nothing there yet except some photos of the couple, which were suspiciously all taken in the park that day. I'm guessing it won't be long before that site redirects to the homepage of the iPhone app that was used to shoot the video. Maybe I'm just cynical, though. Maybe this is really just a happy couple in love. What do you think?