makeup tutorialHappy Halloween! Ghouls and goblins, witches and skanks, 'tis the one day of the year where you can really be yourself, especially if "being yourself" means wearing nothing but a merkin and a Snooki mask because WHY NOT? And if you're going to be applying make-up to your face, have we found the expert for you! Her name is either Truly or Michele (fingers crossed for "Truly"), and she has uploaded, like, a million videos to a YouTube channel (TheMakeupChannel) that exclusively features her putting her face on.

While the videos and model each look like they're each from 1987, we spotted a mobile phone, so we're pretty sure these silent tutorials were filmed this decade.

Also, she might be a drag queen? Boo!

Rule #1: Always finish with a lollipop

Rule #2: Show your roots (and, again, always finish with a lollipop)

Rule #3: Who ever said Cruella De Vil wasn't a TOTAL SEX BOMB?

Rule #4: Southern beauty pageant queens never get old

Rule #5: If you look terrified, we look terrified

Rule #6: Nail it