If you think it's tough explaining the internet to your parents, try explaining it to a 19th Century street urchin, straight out of Dickens! That's what Doogie Horner did with one of the flowcharts in his new book, Everything Explained Through Flowcharts. His handy chart has been all over the web this week, and it shows just how impossible expaining the internet to someone in the early 1800s would have been. This chart is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book where every ending is "you die."

You really can't do anything on this chart without being killed, robbed or arrested. The best outcome you can hope for is that the urchin will sort of understand the internet and make a surprising point about how, despite your claims that it brings us together, the internet actually isolates us from one another by removing our need to leave the house. Depressing! But hey, there's a maze in the middle.

Anyway, the next time you have trouble telling an older person about something online, just be glad you're not talking to a starving child who thinks the internet is a new kind of window.

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