The North Country Gazette is a Chestertown, New York publication that reports on NY state's criminal, environmental and novelty-fiberglass-animal-related stories. And they take their subscription policy very, very seriously! A note at the bottom of each page (in red comic sans) lets readers know that the article they've clicked on is the only one they will ever be allowed to read for free. Their official policy reads as follows:

A subscription is required at North Country Gazette. We allow only one free read per visitor. We are currently gathering IPs and computer info on persistent intruders who refuse to buy subscription and are engaging in a theft of services. We have engaged an attorney who will be doing a bulk subpoena demand on each ISP involved, particularly Verizon Droids, Frontier and Road Runner, and will then pursue individual legal actions.
(By the way, BoingBoing linked to them today so the site might be down for a while.)

Attorney: please disengage! Elsewhere on the site, the paper asks that readers please not "be dishonest" or abuse their reading privileges. (Also, if you read too many articles they ban your IP address.) Okay then! In the interest of honesty, Urlesque has created a safe space where you can get all your breaking Gazette news without violating the paper's one-article policy. We've summarized ten articles form the North Country Gazette's front page for your lawyer-free perusal. Or you can just read The New York Times instead.

  • DEC Seeks New Regs For Outdoor Wood Boilers: The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation had a meeting and is now working to set performance standards for outdoor wood boilers.
  • Unconscious Driver Faces DWI Charge: A driver who was found passed out in his pickup truck with the motor running and the headlights on has been charged with drunk driving.
  • The Chicken's Back!!!: A giant fiberglass rooster has been returned to its perch outside of the Silver Star restaurant after a three-month absence while it was undergoing repairs. The Gazette notes that it was the only media to report on "the demise of the chicken."
  • Nurse Charged With Solicitation to Murder Hubby: A nurse at the Central New York Psychiatry Center has been charged with hiring two people to murder her ex-husband.
  • Police Sieze 100 Marijuana Plants: Police arrested a Duanesburg man and seized his marijuana plants.
  • Annual Ballard Craft Fair Nov. 13: The 15th annual Ballard Craft Fair will be held at Ballard Elementary School on Saturday, Nov. 13, from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
  • Homicide Fugitive Pleads Not Guilty: At his arraignment on Friday, 31-year-old Joseph DeFelice pleaded not guilty of the disappearance and murder of Mandy Jo Jenkins.
  • Granville Postal Employee Admits Theft: A former Granville postal employee admitted to stealing over $3,500 in federal funds while working at the post office.
  • JetBlue Flight Attendant's Residence Burglarized: Steven Slater, the JetBlue flight attendant famous for quitting his job by jumping onto the plane's evacuation slide, was robbed by his partner's brother.
  • Track Coach Accused of Sexy Emails: An elementary school teacher and track coach was accused of sending sexually explicit emails to a 14-year-old girl.
BoingBoing got a picture of the blog's "ONLY READ ONCE OR YOU'RE A BAD PERSON AND SHOULD FEEL BAD" policy:

North Country Gazette reader warning

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