I think it's safe to say your song's a hit if there are videos of people's pets dancing to it on the internet, ya know? There's probably a checklist that you go down as a 9-year-old when you finish your math homework but aren't quite ready to put in your retainer and call it a night, and when you reach the animal video item on that list you know you're a star.

Are they playing my song on the radio? Check. Do I have my own music video? Check. Do other girls dance to my song, and did someone mash me up with the country's most beloved kids' show? Yes, actually.

And now there's a parrot whipping its hair back and forth. Congratulations, Willow, you can check that one off.
Update! As pointed out by astute commenter Mike Pants, the video is a mash-up of footage of famous dancing bird, Frosty and 'Whip My Hair'... but that doesn't make it any less awesome in our eyes.