Katherine Chloe Cahoon
A few days ago, author Katherine Chloe Cahoon's YouTube videos promoting her new book, The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men, went viral. A lot of us wondered whether they were masterful parodies or tragically real clips. Her wooden posing and costumery left us scratching our heads. Is this chick-lit hopeful for real?
On her official site, Katherine insists that the videos are parodies:

Yesterday, after hours of radio interviews starting at 4AM, I learned that the Internet had exploded with people wondering if the v-blogs for my book, The Single Girl's Guide to Meeting European Men, are serious or parodies. Come on, friends, do you really think I am being serious?! Of course they are parodies! No, I do not expect a girl will try to flirt with European men as six bulls are bearing down on her at The Running of the Bulls. It's a joke. No, I don't wear a dress when I bike...much less one matching a basket of flowers on the handlebars. I don't even own a bike. And no, I do not go around constantly posing. I believe that if others are going to participate in my parody, it's only fair that I join in.

I didn't think they were parodies before and I still don't. They're way too subtle! Just to be sure, I checked the content of her book to see if its advice matched her videos.
Here's a choice excerpt after a five-minute search.

Tip #25: Male Hikers Cannot Resist the Hair Flip

If you see a husky hunk, glance at him, smile, and continue walking. Wait one second and flip your hair. Then allow your hiker to hunt you down.

Other advice includes tips like, "Dance one of your best moves" and "Make every day in Europe like your best Valentine's Day." I think this one's authentic.
And look, she says she's working on a film version? SIGH.