Keyser Soze on Facebook on a smartphoneCollegeHumor makes fun of The Usual Suspects, Citizen Kane, The Terminator, Casablanca, It's a Wonderful Life and Back to the Future in this skit about how movies would end in about five minutes if everyone had smartphones.

So people who like culture can recognize those movies, and tech nerds can go "Oh hey, they used Facebook, Wikipedia, Foursquare, some airplane app, Shazam, and basically TV but on a phone, which doesn't even really make sense!"

Man, movies are impossible to write now. Everyone has computers and Google and phones (see also), so everyone knows everything about everybody. When I write a movie, it'll be about five people trapped on a ship in SPACE where no one can hear you SCREAM and also on this ship everyone is an ILLITERATE MUTE.