Jenny Slate Gabe LiedmanYou might call this week's Urly Show a "special edition" as the show in full was spent in conversation with Gabe Liedman and Jenny Slate, comedy partners and writers, actors and performers each in their own right.

Together (with director Dean Fleischer-Camp), Gabe and Jenny recently tore up the net with the very first video in their (rebooted) web series, Bestie x Bestie, in which they weigh in on one topic delivered by the Question Truck.

Also with director Dean Fleischer-Camp, Jenny created Marcel The Shell With Shoes On, a stop-motion video (one of the year's most popular and widely-shared), in which an adorable sea shell, voiced by Jenny, talks about lots of stuff, like bean bag chairs and skiing on toenails.

In our 55th episode, Gabe and Jenny very well may be the funniest guests we've ever had. Do yourself a favor and don't miss this week's show -- you'll want to hear about Marcel's next adventure.

Watch, download and subscribe to this week's episode below. Language NSFW!

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