Jimmy McMillan, a candidate for New York governor, made us laugh at this week's debate with his slogan, "The rent is too damn high!" You know who else thought the rent was too high? Carl Fredricksen, the old man from Pixar's "Up," who had to move his house after it was surrounded by skyscrapers. A new, absolutely perfect video mashup puts Jimmy's words in Carl's mouth during the scene where he confronts the construction workers surrounding his house.

Even better, the worker he's talking to is played by Jimmy's fellow candidate and debate opponent, Andrew Cuomo. The best part is when Carl gets on the megaphone and declares, "I represent the Rent Is Too Damn High Party!" Or maybe the best part is when he goes back inside his house, and the worker says, pensively and in Cuomo's voice, "The rent IS too damn high."

Look, I can't decide. The best part is this whole video. Watch it for yourself.