So you just finished going through a brutal breakup and you've been invited to be a C-SPAN panelist along with your ex. You're in a bit of a jam here, because you don't want to be in the same room as this person while you're broken-hearted, but it would be good for your career to go on national TV.

You strike a compromise with yourself: you'll go on the show and talk about Jonah Goldberg's book Proud to be Right, but then you'll use your airtime to insult your ex-girlfriend's essays and defame her character! Perfect!

That's what Todd Seavey did earlier this month, and the video is going viral. Maybe it's Todd's passive-aggressive approach (you don't realize what's going on until about three minutes into his tirade), or that he likens his ex's opposition to Obamacare to her lack of support in their relationship.

To add insult to their own injuries, the pair have written separate combating letters into DC's The Daily Caller, but the ex-girlfriend in question, Helen Rittelmeyer, assures readers:
I wish I could say it was all a plan hatched by our new-media consultant, who told us we had to "think outside the box" to make our C-Span panel "go viral," but no, it is exactly what it looks like.
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Start at about (1:45) for the good stuff.