coachella giant paper crane looks miniature in coacheletta tiltshift video
Sure, tilt-shift video is way overdone these days, but a tilt-shift vid from Coachella by Sam O'Hare proves that the tried-and-true miniaturizing effect can still be impressive. Watch as tiny music fans pull their toy cars up to the festival grounds, set up toy tents, and mosh out to toy bands. You'll definitely want to turn HD on for this, folks.

As the sun goes down, the concertgoers look more and more like a teeming mass of ants, and the lighting effects take center stage. The glowing Ferris wheel is especially awesome. You'll want to watch until the end, too, because (as Urlesque editor Nick pointed out to me) the credits add some extra "whoa."

O'Hare won some awards for his previous tilt-shift endeavor, "The Sandpit." The music is by Human, who also did the soundtrack to The Sandpit.