Sure, who doesn't remember classic 80's cartoons like The Snorks, Jem, and He-Man.

But what about the show with the British kid who turns into a crime-fighting banana? Is our memory of Rick Moranis beating up teenage monsters just a recurring childhood nightmare or was it actually on NBC?

Yes! These cartoons really happened! Even if we were the only ones watching.

Don't believe me? Here's proof.

1. Hammerman (1991)

You can't touch our treasured memories of a pair of magical dancing shoes (which are alive and can speak) that have the power to transform janitor Stanley Burrell into the purple parachute pants-wearing Hammerman.

2. Rude Dog and the Dweebs (1989)

Don't get Rude Dog confused with party pooch Spuds MacKenzie. They are totally different animals. This show was on the air so briefly it's hard to convince myself I even saw it. But I did, and I have the Trapper Keeper to prove it.

3. Beverly Hills Teens (1987-1988)

Two years before 90210 became a hit, we had The Beverly Hills Teens. No, you weren't smoking too much angel dust with Helen Hunt, these kids had limos with pools in them.

4. The Gary Coleman Show (1982)

Turns out, your memory of Gary Coleman as a cartoon angel who helps kids in need wasn't a hallucination. It was an actual show on actual television.

5. Bananaman (1983-1985)

Bananaman's arch-enemy, Appleman, didn't stand a chance against our obscenely-chinned hero.

6. Turbo Teen (1984-1985)

Turbo Teen's mysterious personality change was triggered when he got "hot." Sample definition of hot? How about an episode when he's in a Mexican jail (typical kiddie stuff) and a fellow inmate gives him a "spicy burrito."

7. Gravedale High (1990-1991)

A high school filled with monsters and Rick Moranis. Yes, that Rick Moranis.

8. Wild Fire (1986)

An orphan girl's horse transports her to an alternative reality where she's a princess and her mom is trapped in a mirror (and can't challenge her life choices). Am I right, ladies?!

9. The Ant and The Aardvark (1960's-1980's)

This show originally aired in the 60's, but it ran during the Pink Panther, a cartoon about a flamboyant pink mime that you also did not hallucinate.

10. Teen Wolf (1986-1987)

Sure, Stiles and Boof were there, but in the cartoon they were the only ones who knew about Scott's wolfy secret. That's even harder to swallow than chocolate Bonkers.

11. Family Dog (1993)

Spun-off from the chronically forgotten "Amazing Stories" movie, Family Dog was a twisted and hilarious cartoon starring a family of puppy-torturing psychopaths. Leave it to Tim Burton to make animal abuse charming.

12. Denver The Last Dinosaur (1988)

Sort of like the movie Encino Man, if Brendan Fraser had been a skateboarding dinosaur instead of a caveman, and Pauly Shore had been a group of interracial teens from Los Angeles. Which I think we can all agree is a better deal.

13. Thundarr The Barbarian (1980-1982)

This show took place in the frightening, dystopic future ("The year 1994"). Just your typical story of wizardry, slavery, a leonine humanoid with fangs and yellow eyes, and the people who love him.

Hillary Buckholtz is editor of the nostalgia website
I'm Remembering!