willow smith and sesame street i love my hair girl
Sesame Street's ultra-cute hair appreciation video, "I Love My Hair," has only been up on YouTube for a week, but it's already gotten a mashup. Sesame Street, meet -- wait for it -- Willow Smith's 'Whip My Hair.'

The real video for 'Whip My Hair' came out today, but I think Willow should just dump it and go with the Sesame Street version instead. She could be an urban pop cliché with an uber-famous daddy, or she could help send a message of self-respect to girls growing up with "bad hair" (while still having an uber-famous daddy). Do the right thing, Willow!

(Oh, and congratulations to Sesame Street for being part of yet another viral video sensation this week. They're really on fire lately!)

(Aaaaand check out more 'Whip My Hair' parodies here!)
The Mashup
Willow's Real "Whip My Hair" Video
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