markorepairs raps with headphones on
Great news: Tykylevits isn't the only Finnish vlogger out there with a penchant for the bizarre. Markorepairs is just your normal 42-year-old guy on the net; he owns hundreds of VCRs, loves graphic design from the mid-80's, and enjoys recording anti-tobacco rap songs in his family room.

Apparently he hasn't heard the ages-old YouTube rule of "keep it under three minutes" -- but what he lacks in editing he makes up for in sheer volume. To date, he's uploaded 989 videos to his YouTube account and earned over 3 million views.

With a video collection that prolific and important it's pretty easy to feel overwhelmed, but don't worry, I've sifted and found five precious gems to get you started.
VCR Collection
Marko walks us through his VCR collection. He does NOT like Philips.
Anti-Tobacco Rap
Reaching out to the world's youth through the hipping and the hopping.
Cofe time for in talk English
Marko practices his English and makes some coffee.
Test Driving a Mercedes-Benz CLK
Just cruisin' around with our bud.
Farm stuff
Marko meets some sheep and gives them terrifying voices.