5-year-old girl reacts to double rainbow video
YouTube's Fine Bros. have hit on a surefire comedy formula: Kids React To Viral Videos. This new series shows kids aged 5 to 13 watching some classic YouTube vids, and then talking to the Fine Bros. about them. It's somewhere between Kids Say The Darndest Things and those "Two Girls One Cup" reaction videos.

In the first episode, the kids watch Double Rainbow, Two Bunnies Two Cups, a creepy Snickers Halloween ad, and Barack Obama's microphone fail. Yeah, it's as cute as it sounds. They guess what the Double Rainbow Guy looks like without seeing him ("In his 40s," "Smokes," "Sounds like a creeper"), they say a scary Halloween mask doesn't make them want Snickers, and they're a little confused about what the President does.

The Fine Bros. are planning more "Kids React" videos now. Which viral video do you most want to see kids react to?