GPS: It's your new ticket to romance. Forget finding highways and making emergency phone calls -- what's the point of better technology if it isn't going to help you hook up? The rise of location-based mobile apps means that online dating has never been easier (or more conducive to stalking). First, there's Foursquare to map your social wanderings and create user data. Then there's Ratio Finder to help you pick out locations with a high content of your preferred gender and Skout to scope out who else might be roaming around with an extra pillow and an iPhone. Finally, there's Urbanspoon to plan the perfect first date and Half-Oranges to help you seal the deal.

Foursquare: Find your friends

Foursquare is the leading mobile check-in application. The social networking program allows users to ping their network of friends when they've arrived at a particular spot -- and to see who else might be nearby. This way, friends can meet up with in a way that's convenient for everyone. Foursquare's "tips" feature lets you see advice on your current location -- what to order, better spots nearby, etc. The app also hands out "badges" and discounts if you frequently check in at certain locations. So the more you use the application, the better it works for you.

Ratio Finder: Find the chicks/dudes

Ratio Finder is a new program that analyzes check-in data from Foursquare users and determines the gender ratios of popular spots. With simple pink-or-blue visuals, it's easy to scroll through maps and quickly identify the areas with the highest concentration of a particular gender.

In addition to its hook-up potential, the program's also interesting anthropologically. Out of all 21 of San Francisco's "Nightlife" categories (so far, the app's only in SF and NY), only three are visited by women more than men – beer gardens, hookah bars and karaoke spots. Hopping over to the shopping section reveals that more ladies check in to stores of the "technology" variety, while more guys are into "cheese shops." Is that last one a euphemism?

Skout: Find the nearby hotties

So, what to do once you've picked out your particular chromosome-saturated locale? It's time to pull out those GPS-based dating apps, like Skout. Skout works by accessing users' locations and showing photos of other singles nearby. Aside from the photo, the program is completely anonymous at this stage. See someone you like? You can check out their profile and chat them up (or vice versa, of course) all without seeing their name or personal information. Then, if things are going well, you and your new pal can access one another's numbers and set up meeting spot.

Urbanspoon: Find the eats

And where to find that perfect place? That's where the Urbanspoon app comes in. Urbanspoon's an eatery guide that lets you select a meeting place based on a type of cuisine and price range. Did your date's Skout profile mention a love for sushi? Pull-down "Japanese" and the amount of cash you want to drop and Urbanspoon will list all the matches is the area.

Half-Oranges: Find the courage

Now the location's been scouted and the date's been arranged -- you're almost there! You just need one more thing to seal the deal. That's where Half-Oranges comes in. Half-Oranges is a "dating optimism" app that offers mini pep talk with every shake. Give it a whirl on the walk over to ensure you're at your confident best. Or just do a shot, it's entirely up to you.