Russian policeman gets in car while wolves run on highway
One night in Russia, a cop pulls over a guy with a busted headlight. Then he leaps into the guy's back seat to avoid a pack of wolves running along the highway. Okay, the really freaky thing is that there are two views of this event. First we see supposed security-camera footage, then a shot from the passenger's seat of the car. Except the two clips don't line up. They look like separate takes of a different event. And forum users on Reddit have some theories about what really happened.
The bird's-eye view
The YouTube description on this video:
Recording from a surveillance camera located on the M23 highway Taganrog - Rostov-on-Don, which is visible as a post road patrol is attacked wolves!
The passenger seat handheld view
The YouTube description:
Yesterday, back home. We braked at the DPS office and ran a number of live wolves!
Try watching them side by side, and they don't match up. So either this is a viral stunt or obscure movie (boring) or this happens in Russia all the time. This exact conversation happens every day: "Do you know why I stopped you, Comrade?" "Russia suddenly made drunk driving illegal?" "Because you have a headlight out. I'll need your license and access to the back seat." "Why the back seat?" "Because there's a pack of wolves running down the highway and I wanna get the hell out of their way." But Redditors noticed other discrepancies: In the second clip, the wolves are snarling, not breathing heavily as they probably would be while running. Plus the two videos were submitted to Reddit by new accounts, possibly by someone trying to fake an amazing coincidence. Plus they might just be wild dogs. Sorry to ruin it for you.