Jennifer Petkov, the Detroit woman whose online taunts to a dying 7-year-old neighbor made national news, has been arrested for allegedly attempting to hit a neighbor with her car. The neighbor wasn't a member of the little girl's family, but she was headed to visit them.

Meanwhile, Petkov's husband Scott has been suspended from his job since Tuesday, and will likely be fired. (Could this be thanks to all the letters his employer received from 4Channers?)

Update: Now Jennifer Petkov has lost custody of her own kids. Yes, this lady was raising children.
On a more uplifting note, Kathleen Edward, the dying girl, has gone on a toy shopping spree with donations from people -- including Redditors -- appalled by Petkov's harassment. Kathleen received about $20,000 in donations. She spent $2,000, and gave the rest of it to a children's hospital.