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In Russia, people play a game where they reenact and photograph very specific scenarios and enter the photos in a contest for money and prizes. It's like a scavenger hunt, but instead of finding objects you have to dramatize outlandish photos.

From Encounter via Google Translate:

Required to make a few (5-10) staged shots by strictly defined criteria. In the job as described in detail what should be shown in the picture. Each task is reduced to an artificial creation of any extreme, unusual, very fun, or just beyond the propriety of the situation you want to fix the photo. The quality of the pictures are not taken into account, and in contrast to "PhotoHunt" is the most difficult to come up with "how" and "where" to make the frame, while the "WHAT" to be shown on the frame advance is clearly defined by the authors scenario.

So you're given a theme and you have to recreate it in a fun way. Check out some of the more extreme entries below, along with English translations of the scenario instructions.
office chair skiing
Assignment: You need to take a picture, which registered a vehicle belonging to the list: fire truck, police car, ambulance, car gas stations. This car should tow rope (rope) chair. Chair should be on wheels. In a chair to sit and smile of a man of indescribable happiness. All this good fortune must be in motion at speed (the speed will be determined subjectively by blurring the background). TOWING VEHICLE, CABLE, SEAT AND A MAN is in it should be clearly in the photo. Photo must be made at the side of the car, traveling in parallel with the same speed as the above construction. In the frame should fit a man and signs of car accessories list. In the frame have to be seen: a chair on wheels, a means of coupling seats and car (length not less than 2 meters); signs car accessories list, a man sitting in a chair, the emotion on his face.

Bonus 1
: Instead of the seats will be aluminum bowl on wheels. It's 40 minutes of bonus.
chess underwater
Assignment: Photographs must be done under water. At the bottom of the basin (natural water bodies will not do) sit two people. Between them, also at the bottom, a chess board, the board is worth a few chess pieces. The water level above the heads of seated at a board must be at least 50 centimeters. It is useful to you a piece of glass or Plexiglas: zamatyvaetsya camera in a package that adheres to the contour of the glass, the glass when shooting leans to the lens.
tank game
Assignment: Photo must be made on the square. In the photograph: Ulyanov Lenin - a man in a jacket and cap. Lenin stands on the roof of an armored car (can be any vehicle - car, train, etc.) and keeps it in front of a crowd. The crowd (not exchange 20) listens leader. In the hands of banners (minimum two) with the words «» and "Encounter".

Mandatory attributes photos:

1. Lenin in his jacket
2. Either in hand or the head of Lenin cap
3. Lenin stands on the roof of the car / APC / etc
4. A crowd of listeners at least 20 people
5. At least two banners
6. Banners on a text containing a «» or «Encounter»
7. Photo is on the square.
8. Transparency - a strip of paper / material size of e less than 50x100 cm, fixed on the frame or stretched between two poles
9. Under the conditions of the bonus number 1 material transparency must be close in color to the color of the flag of the Soviet Union
10. Under the conditions of the bonus № 4 armored vehicle, tank or other armored vehicles should not be a monument (ie, not standing on a pedestal, there should be no memorial tablets). You should immediately, before requesting the code to upload additional photos. In the photo should be only armor (not surrounded by people) standing in the same place where the main photo.
bathtub girl
Assignment: Full Bath Foam is a commercial area with a naked lying in her party.

Bonus 1: 20 min. Participant in the bathroom - a girl. Please immediately make and upload photos of proving that it was a girl in the bathroom. How to - remains at your discretion. For example, make a photo of a girl in a swimsuit.

Bonus 2: 20 min. In one hand shower party, from which water flows. For example, you can get water in the hose and a good blow in it, then pour the water. But the shower should be natural, and not just a piece of hose. The one who blows the water on the picture shows should not be.

Bonus 3
: 30 min. Bath is near the city's public transport (at the bus stop can see the elderly and at least one bus / trolley / tram / taxi).
Here is a music video based on Encounter games, which includes PhotoExtreme. Serious Business! Other games include:
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The original and most famous PhotoExtreme challenge is "Cheating Wife."

A Cheating Wife: You need to make a photo of a man, 'a lover,' hanging outside a real window. The window should be not lower than the third story of a multi-storied building. 'A husband' should lean out from another window with a gun, aiming at 'the lover.' From yet another window 'the cheating wife' should look out in despair.

Click the image for a full gallery of Cheating Wife entries (link NSFW).
cheating wife