Pets: when are they going to stop thinking that they're people? This collection of photos of animals wearing shoes just goes to show how much our furry friends long to join us in our daily habits and activities. Any dog can chew a pair of pumps, but it takes a pretty special one to rock them on the streets of New York.

He's not so sure about those shoes...

The one on the left is called 'Boosty,' and the one on the right we call...'bootsy.'

Canyon hiking.

Pug shoes.

Scottie has warm feet.

"I said size four."

He doesn't look completely au fait with these booties.

Leftovers from the set of Moonraker.


"I keep telling you - I'm a boy!"


These ones won't get grass stains.

She's definitely not into this style.

Scruffy always plays out his shoe fetish when he has a couple of glasses.

Ugg dog.


Now this fellow looks like he knows what he's doing.

Even with the jolly roger, it's hard to make this outfit look tough.

There's no problems here.

"Like my new oven mitts?"


Goodbye, street cred.

Snow patrol.

"They go with my eyes."

Limited edition Tim Burton dog boots.