stick figure fighting clippy in animator vs. animation
A stick figure's life is tough in the world of Alan Becker's 'Animator vs. Animation III,' the latest in a series of videos pitting an artist's simple creation against everything else on his computer screen. This is the first update in the series since AvA Part I and Part II came out in 2007. Attacked by pop-up ads, giant text, and even Clippy the Paperclip from Microsoft Word, the stick figure, called "The Chosen One," must be tough to survive.

Just when you think he's going to triumph, the artist introduces a new character, a red stick figure called The Dark Lord. I won't tell you how the battle between The Chosen One and his enemy ends, but I think you'll be very satisfied.

If you want to screw with the little guy yourself, there are also some Animator vs. Animation games you can check out at the AvA page on Atom Films.

This is how the Matrix trilogy should have ended. – Editor Nick