portrait of a troll
lucy pepper
In the old days, artists painted obnoxious, sneering noblemen. Today, they paint obnoxious, sneering internet trolls. Lucy Pepper's Troll Catalogue collects some fantastic paintings of the fantastically awful people you meet online.

Troll Catalogue depicts some of the most common troll stereotypes, from the clichéd Star Wars geek to the "clinically insane cat lady." I'm posting some of the best paintings, but you really must check out the whole gallery, and read the perfectly snarky captions as well.

The Tokyo Dreamer

"He is an Emo-Hipster who spends half of each day getting ready to go out and the other half walking up and down the high street looking lanky ... "
Lucy Pepper


"He is as wise as only a seventeen year old can be. He spends a LOT of time in his bedroom, acne-ridden, terribly shy and unpopular at school ... "
Lucy Pepper


"So, imagine there's this bloke and once, when he was a foul drip of a seventeen year old, some guy (for the sake of argument let's call him Rogério) called him a name that he didn't like (the name wasn't THAT bad).

Roll forward twenty years and Mr "AAAAARRRGGGGGHHHH" has been stewing away on what "Rogério" called him ... "
Lucy Pepper