Rupesh Shingadia, the Ryder Cup Cigar Guy
Daily Mail
The Daily Mail did what hundreds have been trying to do since last week: tracked down the 'Cigar Guy' who photobombed Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup. It turns out that Cigar Guy is just a regular joe -- or a regular Rupesh, to be more specific. He's Rupesh Shingadia, a 30-year-old golf fan and investment analyst from London.
Rupesh Shingadia, cigar man from photobomb pictures
Rupesh told The Daily Mail -- the same newspaper that ran the original photo -- he wasn't trying to play a prank with his funny costume -- it really was a tribute to Spanish golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez, who's known for his wild hair and cigars. As for the facial expression that made Cigar Guy famous, it wasn't intentional. Like everyone else watching, Rupesh was just shocked that Tiger Woods had misplayed a shot so badly.

The best part is that Cigar Guy isn't a professional prankster of any kind, as some people speculated. He's just an ordinary guy who had never done anything like this before. He's seen a bunch of the Cigar Guy photoshop pics and thinks they're funny -- "My favourite is me with The Simpsons," he said -- but he doesn't expect the sudden fame will affect his life in the long run.

Oh, and ladies? He's single!