ben folds and merton
The best way to prove you're not Ben Folds? Make a video with Ben Folds! That's what Merton, the Chatroulette Piano Improv Guy just did. You may remember Merton (and Chatroulette) as the internet sensation of those innocent, freewheeling days of early '10.

Merton hasn't been on our radar in a while, but when he disappeared, he left us hanging onto the rumor that he and pop-piano legend Ben Folds were one and the same. This video of them together, apparently filmed in a hotel room, explains everything.

Well, everything except how Merton and Ben Folds came to be hanging out in a hotel room, anyway. If these two are BFF now, I hope we'll see more videos out of them, and maybe even a piano duet.
Check out that mysterious cut at 1:04!