jennifer petkov
Fox Detroit reports that a 7-year old girl named Kathleen Edward became the subject of cruel taunts by her neighbors. Kathleen is dying of Huntington's Disease, a degenerative brain disorder which killed her mother at 24.

Neighbors Jennifer and Scott Petkov, who are allegedly embroiled in some kind of feud with Kathleen's family, set up a Facebook page with a picture of Kathleen's mother in the arms of the grim reaper and Kathleen's face photoshopped into a skull and crossbones. Why?

Because it rubs their ass raw.

Ugh, what?

The local news video after the jump doesn't explain what the feud was initially about. But it's safe to say that the Petkovs are as gross as it gets, regardless of provocation.

The neighbors also used a truck with a coffin, which they claim they use for Halloween decoration, to taunt Kathleen's family.

Update: Kathleen thanks Reddit, Petkov apologizes, then gets arrested for allegedly trying to run someone over, then loses custody of her own kids.
I checked 4chan, and sure enough, they're quickly plotting vengeance. Someone posted the Petkov family's home address, phone number, a list of relatives and social network profiles. Some 4chan users are completely ambivalent, others are calling for the Petkovs' heads, and still others are praising the Petkovs for their epic troll (these folks are possibly being sarcastic).

Hopefully this doesn't result in any violence, but I wouldn't mind seeing several hundred pizzas delivered to the house. Meanwhile Reddit is donating money to the victim's family.

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