You may remember her as the iconic teen cutie Mallory Keaton from Family Ties, but if you're reading Urlesque, there's a better chance you know this week's guest from her massive presence on the internet. Ladies and gentlemen, tl;dr champ and all-around awesome lady JUSTINE BATEMAN.

Skyping in from sunny Los Angeles, Justine joined us to not only play our tl;dr quiz, but to talk all things internet, including the charm of one of her faves, Animals With Casts, a popular Tumblr (and soon-to-be-book) created -- incidentally! -- by our in-studio guest, comedian and blogger extraordinaire, Julia Segal (@juliasegal).

Although the entire interview was a blast, we had some major fun surprising Justine with an incredible PSA video from 1986 featuring Justine herself (although she has no recollection) that Eliot uploaded to YouTube after finding it as a dusty VHS cassette while working at a hole-in-the-wall video store in high school.

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Tl;dr quiz segment theme music courtesy of Sean Murgatroyd. Thanks, Sean!