old gap logo and new gap logo
Did you blink yesterday? Well then, you might have missed the hideous new logo for The Gap.

The company mysteriously decided to rebrand using the Helvetica font and a shaded blue square, and I promise you that my cat knows more about logo design than whoever approved this stinker. Well, Gap customers and professional designers revolted, and now the logo has been retracted and replaced by ... a contest to design a new logo.

If there's anything designers hate more than an ugly logo, it's working for free under the guise of a contest. Good thing we're not professional designers! We were happy to offer The Gap a few of our brilliant logo ideas, absolutely free, along with some tongue-in-cheek suggestions from actual designers on Dribbble.

Gap executives, check after the jump to select your new logo. Beloved Urlesque readers, we suppose we can let you look, too.

Dear Gap, we picked this logo by Eric Carroll to show that your star is rising. Doesn't it project tons of confidence?

gap star logo by eric carroll
Eric Carroll

Dear Gap, We're not sure how you'll get the flashing part of this logo by John Lander onto a sweatshirt, but you guys can figure that out.

Dear Gap, This logo is an Urlesque original, designed to evoke that MTV! that all the hippest youth of today are watching. We call it "Yo! MTV Gap!"


Dear Gap, We know you wanted to use a recognizable font, so we chose the internet's favorite font, Impact. Also, nothing says power like a clip-art lightning bolt!

Hey readers: think you can do better? Drop us a link to your awesome (or awesomely bad) Gap logo in the comments.

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