Awkward Family Photos just became the latest internet phenomenon to get a TV deal, with ABC agreeing to develop a show using the Awkward Family Photos book as source material. AFP follows in the footsteps of CBS' Twitter-to-TV sensation S**t My Dad Says (which hasn't exactly been cleaning up in the ratings). A week ago, the Twitter account "Shh... Don't Tell Steve" got its own CBS deal.

How will Awkward Family Photos translate into a TV show? At least S**t My Dad Says had two established characters ("Me," "My Dad"), and "Shh... Don't Tell Steve" has one ("Don't"). But the stories behind AFP's uncomfortable portraits are left to the beholder's imagination.

Granted, a good writing team could do a lot with this material, but it's not clear whether each episode will focus on a different family, whether one family will star, or whether it will be something in between.

By the way, this is just a "script-with-penalty" deal, which apparently means the network could still reject the pilot script and we'd never see an episode.