Ever since YouTube added the Like and Dislike buttons back in April, people have had the opportunity to feel how sweet it is when thousands of people also like what they like. So how do we reconcile the shock of noticing that some other group dislikes the things that we like? Only an idiot wouldn't like the same things that we like, right?

Maybe, they're not idiots. Maybe they just missed the like button.

For a while, every top-voted comment was just that witty explanation. But for others, sharing their dislike for the "missed the like button" comments is just as important – and still others have evolved this joke into a sometimes clever, often stupid YouTube meme.Simply reposting the phrase has been enough for some comments to attract up-votes, but because the practice became so common, some users have become annoyed with it. Whether you love it or hate it, simply using it can sometimes earn
a thumbs-up from someone who agrees with you.

No longer satisfied with reposting the same phrase, a second wave of commenters chose to answer why others had missed the like button. Because the comment excuses the dislikes as typical members of the video's audience succumbing to their own shared weaknesses, the message now acts as a method of defining the group.

"What's Left of the Flag" - Flogging Molly

You like Flogging Molly? You like getting sh*tfaced? What a coincidence! I like getting sh*tfaced too!

"Vodka" - Korpiklaani

This one is a little different. You don't need to be a Korpiklaani fan to appreciate the cerebral artistry of this comment. I like the part where vodka gets you drunk.


At least five Evanescence fans wouldn't be caught dead listening to Justin Bieber. Not even ironically.

For others, making direct reference to the video itself is the most effective approach.

And for others still, no amount of variation is enough to excuse the meme. For this group, "missed the like button" represents the least common denominator of playing to the crowd.

"Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix)" by Blue Foundation
Even if the comment serves to criticize the use of the "missed the like button" meme, the act of making reference to the meme still helps it to spread. That's not so say that it will last forever. But as long as people remain divided on it, both sides give it attention, and the meme will grow regardless of anyone's intent.