cigar guy as muhammad ali
Yesterday, we explained how Cigar Guy, the turbaned, mustachioed cigar-smoking man standing behind Tiger Woods at the Ryder Cup, became a meme. Well, today, Cigar Guy has become even bigger, facebombing not just the Ryder Cup, but all kinds of historic sports events.

Cigar Guy's head has now been photoshopped over such sports greats as Larry Bird and Muhammad Ali, and into all kinds of iconic moments in professional sports. He's even replaced the entire USA hockey team. A bona fide internet trend is born!

Check out the various adventures of the now-famous man with the cigar after the jump.

UPDATE: Of course there's a Cigar Guy tumblr. And check out the Cigar Guy news we found after writing this post.

UPDATE 2: Cigar Guy has been identified as Rupesh Shingadia!

Cigar Guy KOs Sonny Liston

cigar guy muhammad ali

Cigar Guy wins the hockey cold war for the USA

cigar guy usa hockey team
Sports Pickle

Cigar Guy does Diego Maradona's famous 'Hand of God'shot

cigar guy diego maradona hand of god
Sports Pickle

Cigar Guy is Larry Bird

cigar guy larry bird

and just in case you're not into sports, Cigar Guy also photobombed some iconic album covers.

Cigar Guy Beatles Sgt. Pepper cover
The Dallas Observer