cigar guy watching tiger woods at ryder cup
Tiger Woods may have missed a chip shot on the last hole of the Ryder Cup, but the resulting photo was a big hit on the Internet. Aptly-named photographer Mark Pain of the Daily Mail got hit by Woods' stray shot, but not before he caught a sweet photo of the ball in midair, with Woods and the entire motley crowd staring at him.

The crowd became the real stars of the photo as soon as the Photoshop wizards at Reddit got a hold of it, though. On the right, you'll notice a gawking fellow with a Groucho-esque mustache and cigar who is quickly becoming known around the web as Cigar Guy. Well, Reddit did the natural thing and replaced the faces of everyone in the crowd, plus Tiger and the ball, with that man's face (a trick called the facebomb).

I don't know who the mystery cigar man is, but it's not really relevant. The important thing is that you can be an internet hero for the next week or so by photoshopping his face onto just about anything.

UPDATE: You did! See the Cigar Guy photoshops. And check out the Cigar Guy news we found after writing this post.

UPDATE 2: Cigar Guy has been identified as Rupesh Shingadia!
The Original Photo
Note the Cigar Guy on the right.
cigar guy at ryder cup
Mark Pain, Daily Mail
The Reddit 'Cigar Guy' Photoshop
There, it's all fixed!
cigar guy photoshopped onto every face
Kibitzor, Reddit