hatsune miku
Thousands of Japanese people turn out to see concerts featuring Vocaloid software, a synthesized vocals application from Sony which allows users to type in text and convert the speech to song. It's like text-to-speech software with a musical element.

To promote the software, Sony created some anime-style cartoon singers like "Hatsune Miku" to personify the different singing voices available from Vocaloid. These girls became so popular that they were integrated into the live concerts bands, and the result looks like this.
I can't not transcribe the lyrics here. They're too wonderfully Japanese.

Now drink, you like it.
Vegetable Juice.
I decided that you like it.
So please drink my
Vegetable Juice.
It costs 200 Yen.
Something something not that much different from most manufactured pop stars something something Auto-Tune, amirite?
The star here is Hatsune Miku, who, to clarify, is a software application. Her voice is based on recordings of Japanese voice actress Saki Fujita.
Here is a promotional video from Sony describing Hatsune Miku's story.