"Wait, what?"

This is the typical reaction one has when introduced to any of the videos uploaded by YouTube microcelebrity Tykylevits. He seems to be from an alternate universe, but it's just Finland. He's inexplicably surrounded by beautiful women in nylons, creepy mannequins, animal bones and other oddities. He is a pretty good drummer. He likes to bathe with dirt. He collects American cars. He walks around in the snow wearing nothing but boots and a red thong.

You know, just another normal day in Finland.

I've collected 16 of his greatest, most bizarre YouTube moments.
Head Smacking
Tykylevits smacks his head in what appears to be some kind of cathartic berserker rage.
American Cars
Tykylevits shows us his collection of American cars and motorcycles.
Screaming at Dirt
A woman is very upset while working out in the fields.
Sauna With Cats
Tykylevits enjoys a sauna with his "hot cats."
Drumming in the Snow
Tykylevits drums in the snow using icicles instead of drumsticks.
Refrigerator Surprise
Tykylevits plays some sort of refrigerator gnome in this one. He drums on his thighs while a CGI angel spins around. Typical.
Trampoline Meltdown
Tykylevits throws a tantrum among bones and rubber snake on a trampoline. Just another day in Finland.
Laughing in a Field
Two girls in period garb laugh hysterically at nothing in particular.
Air Guitar With Hose (Get it? He's playing air guitar at Woodstock.)
Get it? He's playing air guitar at Woodstock.
Magic Drum
Tykylevits's magic drum enables him to summon sultry vixens. What else would you make a homemade drum for?
Winter Burrow
Does Tykylevits actually sleep in there during the winter.
Doll Song
Just smacking a bearded baby doll on the head with a miniature metal baseball bat. No big deal.
Fat Boys
What, you mean you haven't done your annual "Yodeling Dance 'n Pose by the Tree" ceremony yet? Better take care of that before the snow melts.
Twist and Shout
Things are getting downright Lynchian at this point.
Angel Song
"When do we learn to take drinks in ice with glass, world is warming all the time and we are not worried at all. So let's sing, drink rather cold water. Not whiskey and ice." Of course.
Yackety Sax Doll
This nightmare fuel brought to you by Harmony Korine.