One of our favorite memes, Trololo Guy -- aka Russian singer Eduard Khil -- is lighting up YouTube again with a new TV appearance that seems designed to delight all his fans on the web.

From what Google Translate tells me, this is Eduard on the Maxim Averin show in Russia. From what my eyes tell me, that's Darth Vader, Snow White, a schoolgirl and a gorilla dancing behind him as he lipsyncs the Trololo Song. It would be funnier if his backup dancers were other memes, but we'll settle for a collection of costumed characters that basically count as the internet version of the Village People.

As for the lipsyncing, don't get too down on ol' Eduard. We know he can still sing, but the lipsync is actually appropriate in this case, considering that the original Trololo video was lipsynced to Khil's own vocal track. So keep on rockin' and trololollin', Eddie-boy. The internet loves you!