Google Instant is awesome for making music videos, but people have noticed that it won't help you search for certain words, in case you were looking for something else and would be scandalized. Some of them are offensive or potentially embarrassing, but some of them are just weird.

Hacker magazine 2600 has been gathering a list of the banned words, and it's pretty fascinating. Let me warn you that it contains plenty of terms you probably don't want to search for at work, and probably don't want to teach your kids. It also contains some fairly innocent things that might surprise you, including some terms we've covered on Urlesque.

Here's a handful of the perfectly innocent words that will get you a blank screen on Google Instant.
New Pornographers - An awesome Canadian pop band that has nothing to do with actual porn.

Stickam Girl - Sorry, Jessi Slaughter. Google does not approve of you and your friends enemies frienemies. If you're not familiar with the teenybopper webcam site Stickam, check out our interview with a blogger who covers Stickam drama.

Pedobear - Oh, look, another term Urlesque has published a guide for! Apparently, Google has decided to go along with Oprah and the San Luis Obispo County Police in mistaking this 4Chan joke character for a conspiracy of actual child molesters. You'd think Google would take the time to learn some internet, especially if they want to eventually rule the entire web.

Pamela Anderson, Paris Hilton, etc. - Having a famous sex tape apparently gets you banned from Google Instant, unless you're Kim Kardashian.

Google is Evil - Censoring instant results for "Google is evil" is a great way to show you're not evil, Google. Oh wait, it's not opposite day. It's still stupid to fight criticism by hiding it, thus generating even more criticism.