How much awesomeness can you cram into a space the size of, well, a fingernail? Apparently the answer is only limited by your imagination. Check out this list of amazing examples of nail art that hit the nail on the head, just not too hard.

Hello Naillie.
Where's the cherry? Eat the cherry!
Luminous nails.
Bridal nails.
Yoooo-oo-ooo-ooo-ooouu, you're nails are on fire!
Wonder if they're flavored, too.
Lady bug nails.
Floral arrangement.
Corset nails.
Smarter than the average thumb.
Fine lace nails.
It's all in the details.
Grape nails.
Nails with an art deco twist.
These nails are growing.
Reminiscent of the Reddit alien.
Mixed bag.
The King of clubs loves leaves.
Jackson Pollock nails.
Philly nails.
Bubbles underwater.
Whoa, you could pick a lock with that thing.
She must have applied it in the dark...
Starry night.
A chip off the old nail.
Viva Italia!
Japanese inspired.