Keanu Reeves: successful professional actor in the real world, sad and lonely man on the internet. It seems like not a week goes by without a new photo of Keanu forlornly experiencing the solitude that must certainly come with ultra-fame.

The latest set of photos shows Keanu Reeves eating a cupcake on the set of his upcoming film, Generation Um. Is he actively messing with us by looking so sad and lonely for the cameras, or does he just not care? Is this cupcake from the same bakery as the cupcake in the Sad Keanu birthday image that added to Keanu's meme saga a couple of weeks ago?

We may never have the answers, but we do have a kickass gif I made of Keanu eating a cupcake, after the jump. Yeah, you're welcome.

Sad Keanu Eating a Cupcake. Ask for him by name wherever fine gifs are posted.