"Millions of years ago dinosaurs walked the Earth...and about 16 years ago Steven Spielberg made a movie based on them." So says Aaron Holmes, writer/lyricist/director of Jurassic Park: The Musical in a short documentary about the making of the musical. Yes, there's a short documentary about the making of Jurassic Park: The Musical.

The full musical, performed someone's backyard in Lincoln, Nebraska to a crowd of 250, appeared on Reddit this week but has not reached its full viral potential. Come on, you guys! This is a Jurassic Park musical featuring such songs as "Raptors in the Kitchen" and such classic characters as Wayne Knight's Dennis Nedry (you know, the computer hacker that ends up blinded by a dino's poisonous saliva and eaten alive?) It's about time someone took Spielberg's best work (if you're planning to fight me on that claim, go ahead and make a Jaws musical then get back to me) and put it to music.

Get it together and watch all three parts below. Then watch the making-of documentary because you're so in love with this project. Then help me get these kids to Broadway. Do it for the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Part I

Part II

Part III

The "Making Of" Documentary