Office lip dub
Psyched up for tomorrow's season premiere of The Office? No? Well, perhaps we can persuade you with a video of the entire cast attempting a lip dub. In case you missed the lip dub trend -- so 2008 on the internet, but apparently so 2010 on TV -- it's an elaborate group lipsyncing routine that we think started with the iconic Harvey Danger lip dub.

If any show can pull off one of these videos, it's The Office. They've already spoofed the famous JK Wedding Dance, so they clearly know their memes. So, how'd they do?

Well, the Dunder Mifflin lip dub, to the Isley Brothers' 'Nobody,' starts out looking normal, but you already know that nothing involving Dwight Schrute ever goes off perfectly. It seems that not everyone in the office really understands the lip dub concept.

Highlights include Creed rocking out on a Guitar Hero guitar, Michael trying to work a magic show into the lip dub, Dwight being Dwight, and the ending ...

"How'd we do, Toby?"

"It's ready for the internet!"

Indeed. And now, here it is, on the internet.