Dead Drunk But Trying is great because it operates under the same basic truth as Drunk History: it's funny when people try to be serious while wasted.

Each episode is a competition to see which contestant can do the best job at a fairly-involved, but probably-achievable task while still blowing an assigned BAC on a Breathalyzer -- kind of what I imagine it's like to be Lindsay Lohan on a given day.
You'd think that in a post-Hoff-with-a-cheeseburger internet, drunk dudes fumbling around with pizza ingredients might come off as a little sad, but you're wrong. These men are thrilled to be competing and, for the most part, have their game faces on. Walking to the grocery store? Do-able. Picking out ingredients? It might take them a while, but okay. Staying awake while the pizza's in the oven? Probably not.

It's an imperfect science, so don't ask me why, but having someone genuinely try to assemble Ikea shelves mid-blackout just makes for an entertaining webseries. Maybe it's the optimism. Or the referee's huge blond beard.

Disclaimer! Any reference to drunken exploits (internet or IRL) is clearly not a reference to someone who is a role model. No one likes a Carol.