divorce lawyer
The right divorce lawyer is hard to find. But when you "hate that 'vermin' you call a spouse like poison" and want to escape "the hellhole you call a marriage," divorce attorney Steven Miller is ready for your case. His initial website, Divorce EZ, still lives online (and is amazing), but has since been transferred to a site with an even more amazing name, Divorce Deli (OMG THE PICTURES OF PEOPLE JUMPING!!!!1!!!1!).

Some divorces can, in fact, be "easy," usually among amicable parties. But for the most part, divorce is considered a combative trudge through legalese and heartbreak and lots and lots of money. And, considering his super-classy advertisement and the very serious price listings on his site (if you don't have kids, you save 50 bucks!), Steven Miller IS your divorce lawyer, no questions asked.