oprah australia
By now, you are surely well aware that Oprah Winfrey announced on the season premiere of her talk show's final season that she is bringing her audience of 300 to Australia with her, on a plane piloted by John Travolta. Always the clever one, she saved the announcement for the end of the episode, for it was an unsurprisingly earth-shattering moment in which her audience, already hoarse from screaming and probably damp from wet underpants, LOSES. THEIR. SH*T.

We exhausted the topic on our last episode of The Urly Show (with me, in particular, losing my sh*t at the opportunity to yammer about Oprah's particular brand of weird sensationalism).

But one listener in particular, Jonathan Mann of the song-a-day site Songatron, sent us words of gratitude for introducing him to the clip, and he decided to go ahead and give it his best shot at editing the clip into a Gregory Brothers-style auto-tune video. And dare we say JOB WELL DONE, Jonathan. Thanks for listening (and, more over, proving that if we can inspire just one listener to make a stupid video, then we've done our job).