If you thought Weezer couldn't wade any deeper into internet culture after their meme-tastic "Pork and Beans" video, think again. Now they're teaming up with YouTube's finest to promote their new album, 'Hurley.' From Auto-Tune the News and The Key of Awesome to Tay Zonday, it seems like every big-name YouTube channel is featuring a Weezer cameo these days.

Weezer themselves describe their YouTube invasion as "a reverse 'Pork and Beans,'" where instead of casting YouTube talent in a Weezer video, they visit famous YouTubers on their own turf, invading everyone's streams at once. I can't get behind all of the YouTube channels they picked -- I won't watch Fred or Annoying Orange just for a Weezer cameo -- but they chose a diverse enough selection of popular YouTubers that pretty much anyone who watches online videos now knows Weezer has a new album out.

You could just watch them all, but in case you only have time for the highlights, I've picked out the best of Weezer's YouTube Invasion for you below.
Weezer YouTube Invasion - Behind the Scenes
This video gives you a quick explanation of what Weezer set out to do with their YouTube Invasion, and it shows a handy list of all the Invasion vids at the end.
Weezer and Key of Awesome
Mark Douglas, star of the music parody channel The Key of Awesome, wrote a fantastic, funny song for his wife Anastasia on their first anniversary. Weezer stopped by for half an hour to help him rock it out.
Weezer and Auto-Tune the News
This might be the most-viewed video in Weezer's YouTube Invasion series. They stopped by to record Auto-Tune the News #13 with the Gregory Brothers, and all the news was set to the tune of their new single, 'Memories.'
Weezer and Tay Zonday - 'Chaos'
Weezer guests on a new track with Tay Zonday (of 'Chocolate Rain' fame). This one's called 'Chaos,' and it sounds nothing like a Weezer song, but the guys hold their own. I'm just sad that Tay Zonday didn't teach them how to move away from the mic to breathe in.