You know the feeling. You get home from work, stressed and exhausted. Thankfully, a certain sudsy cure-all comes to mind. You survey your fridge or beer cellar and select a delicious and refreshing craft beer with just the right amount of age on it for the style. While you allow your beer to journey up into that magical 50 to 55 degree zone, you take out the appropriate glassware (probably a tulip) and give that bad boy a rinse just to be safe.

Everything is going according to plan until you realize hey, you don't have a bottle opener. It's broken. Or somebody borrowed it. Or maybe it fell behind the couch. Who knows? The point is, your beer is now dangerously close to turning from perfect to warm. Well you may not have a bottle opener on hand, but chances are you do have one of these 32 other items that should do the trick just as well. You're welcome and enjoy.

A piece of paper.

Your wedding ring.

A chainsaw.


An iPhone.

A carabiner.

Another beer.

Your shoes.

A fondue pot.

A lighter.

A toothbrush.

A computer mouse.

A bike tire.

A street sign.

A tire iron.

A laptop.

A spatula.

A napkin.

A TV remote.

A car key.

A wooden spoon.

A pen.

A hockey stick.

A skateboard.

A chair.

Scrambled eggs.

A coffee mug.

The kitchen counter.

A spoon.

A knife.

A lighter.