In a weekly feature, 'Feat of the Week,' our pals over at the Universal Record Database (where everyone can set a world record) will be hand-selecting one awesome world record to highlight.

Switch Shorts World RecordYou love your shorts. You love your best friend. But do you love your best friend's shorts? If you're going to attempt to break this record, you pretty much have to.

Two friends (with a cheer squad of supportive bros behind them) count down, unbuckle, switch shorts and then rebuckle -- in just over twelve seconds -- to claim their record. If you're planning an attempt to steal their title, you might automatically think velcro, but check the record criteria: only shorts with buckles, zippers and belts can be used.

Want to see yourself in the URDB's forthcoming Book of World Records AND help set a brand new world record? All you need is a fake mustache of your own creation & a camera. Head on over to for details.

Lindsey Weber (former Urlbot) still has the Urlbot spirit while she is currently working on the URDB Book of World Records.